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Just a side note about Stacey:

When Stacey takes a "small" break from the business, she is a proud and active member of the Shark Research Institute, Shark Diver Magazine, and firm believer of Gary and Brenda Adkison, USA directors of the Shark Foundation. The Shark Foundation is for scientific shark study and publishes data results for the benefit of other scientists. The Shark Research Institute, Shark Diver Magazine, and the Shark Foundation, all play important roles in education and public awareness which is important to the plight of sharks. Stacey loves sharks and believes in shark conservation, and hopes to help by contributing her services. Stacey is an underwater photographer. Stacey has been diving with sharks for over seven years. She has been lucky to dive with sharks in the Bahamas, Fiji, Hawaii, California, and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Some of the shark photos featured here have been published in the Catalina News. For your enjoyment, here are some of Stacey's favorite underwater photos.