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All ages of riders and riders at any level of experience are welcome to the program.
The youngest rider in our program started at 4 years old. She went on to become a 3 time AQHYA World Qualifier and she received multiple state and out of state champions and circuit championships with her horse, AQHA Grand Champion Youth Mare, Kids Perpetual Joy, a.k.a. "Joy".

Kids Perpetual Joy
Cherise Slover and Kids Perpetual Joy,
West Coast Circuit Grand Champion Youth Mare
Kids Perpetual Joy
Cherise Slover and Kids Perpetual Joy,
Arizona Sun Country Circuit Grand Champion Mare and Circuit Champion

This rider became the lucky owner of 7 horses and she specialized in western pleasure, showmanship, and halter. Her horse, "Joy", is now retired as a broodmare and she has had 2 foals.

The teaching program allows riders to learn all about horses. They learn how to communicate to horses and how to care for horses. Lessons are private only because we want each rider to have individual attention. We teach horsemanship and equitation skills. Therefore, the rider learns how to groom and work with the horse on the ground. Safety comes first. If a rider is confident with horses on the ground, then the rider should be comfortable under saddle.

All students learn safety techniques, communication practices, balance maneuvers and exercises while under saddle.
For the student that wants to advance to showing, we have classes that are specialized in different events. We teach ground work such as; Showmanship and Halter. In addition, we teach under saddle events such as Equitation and Horsemanship Pattern Work, Trail Pattern Work, Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, Jumping such as Hunter Hack. Maneuvers and exercises; turn on the forehand, turn on the haunches, side passing, leg yielding, two tracking, lead changes, rollbacks, stopping, and backing are just some of the maneuvers that riders can learn.

The lesson program utilizes horse show competition as a teaching tool for students that want to advance to show horses. Please check out our Horse Training & Showing page. We start at small open all breed shows and then advance to nationally recognized shows.

In addition, we teach how a rider can collect and extend the horse's gait and how to maintain a proper frame. The program teaches riding skills for longitudinal control, lengthening and shortening the horse's frame. In addition, we teach lateral control of the horse regarding lateral flexion, controlling the shoulder, rib cage, and controlling the horse's haunches. Control of the horse's gaits, and rytheme of the gaits is included in the program. Most importantly, we teach you how to ride the horse forward by use of the rider's leg to hand. Various exercises are applied in our program so that students can learn balance and body control.
We recommend that students should start out by taking a block of 4 lessons because S* Tucker Quarters is devoted to teaching proper horsemanship skills. Your first lesson in the block will be an orientation lecture and demonstration of ground work and riding skills. The student will need to to be ready to ride. Second lesson will be on horse behavior and communication skills. Third lesson will be on balance and body control. Fourth lesson will be on riding skills and exercises.


Around the World

S Tucker Quarter Horses is proud to say we have students from Australia, Canada, Germany, Holland, Irland, England, Korea, and Mexico.


Marienne Branch and her AQHA Gelding, Noble Addition
They are from Pearcedale, Australia
Photo taken at an AQHA Show in Australia


School Horses

We have very kind and gentle horses in our program. They are specialists when it comes to nervous riders. They can help a rider build confidence. They are the real teachers.



Stacey Tucker

Stacey Tucker teaches all levels of riders and all ages. She is proud to say she works individually with all of her riders. She is determined to give her clients the lessons they deserve.



Lessons are on a private basis. Please contact us about prices and discounted specials. We have a popular discounted rate with the purchase of a block (4 or more) lessons. Purchasing a block of lessons will allow the student to lock in on a certain day and time of the week.